Excelsior is the only academy that provides highly personalized learning adventures for young visionaries who want to learn intimately and swiftly from THE world’s top geniuses, achievers & influencers at a time where current academic education is often irrelevant.

Unconventional Bespoke Education
for young visionaries

Our mission is to awaken young leaders to the pinnacle of their unique power, influence and consciousness to accelerate the positive evolution of humanity.

Combining a blend of experiential adventures and private tutelage from the world's greatest achievers, we engineer bespoke learning experiences which awaken young achievers into their greatness and destiny. 


Education Beyond Imagination

Excelsior specializes in designing individually tailored learning experiences to prepare young leaders for a world leadership role. Excelsior breaks free of conventional education to foster and channel a student’s innate genius and creative capacities. Excelsior students are trained to generate their own unique paths as leaders in service of all humanity.


Claim Limitless Impact

Now young inspired leaders finally have a place to develop and foster their unique brilliance so that they can change the world in the massive way they know they’re destined to.  We prepare you to unleash your full creative capacity, and fearlessly deliver with maximum potency. 

Those wishing to gain admission may request a personal Discovery Consultation directly with our founders. This Discovery Consultation is itself an enormously edifying experience. It may last sixty minutes or longer and is conducted by our founders personally, Satyen Raja and Harrison Klein. If accepted, you may be invited to enrol in our 2018 training. Investment for one year of Excelsior is 1MM USD.

To request a discovery conusltation please email: admissions@excelsiormentorship.com